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Mistakes In GMP Factory Malaysia..


So.. i was super busy yesterday and today filling one of our clients product; they ordered 3500 pcs of gel base with additional extract.

The client wanted to add more things in it and despite it being perfect during sampling, when the end product was made; we had white sediments from the dehydrated aloe vera we used. 

Its probably due to the solubility of the aloe vera as we wanted to put as much as possible.

Anyways; we mixed the base a week ago; everything was ok and when we filled it in, it was perfect.

Unfortunately today; we noticed this white lumps. Its the aloe vera and i dont know probably due to pressure from the filling machine or what they sort of found each other and forms a clump. It wasnt noticable initially but after sometimes; it did. Not harmful but coz the container was transparent; its not aesthetically pleasingšŸ˜¢ 

and coz i want it to look perfect for this client; 
we decided to do new batch. 

And we could have actually just discard this and buy new packaging and just finish this today and move on to next order tomoro..

But somehow i so sakit hati to throw plastic away! If you have read my post 2 years back; you know that im always looking for ways to reverse back plastic to organic oil that it originally was but i just cant! And nobody found a way yet! 

And so coz i know its so difficult to dispose plastic; i got my staff to focus on ‘koreking’ the gel out. 

The gel we will discard and yes the financial loss here is way more than the cost of the plastic containers, but somehow that i don really ‘mind’ but no throwing away the  plastic containers! 

So yeap,. This is gona take 2 days, cleaning it is gona take another 2 days, with thousand of ringgit (lost of opportunity cost) and manpower hours wasted on this.. all to save the plastic containers.. i could have just bought new plastic.. 

Call me crazy but.. i just cant waste more plastic! 
#zerowaste #plasticpollution 

Am i being unreasonable? What do you thinkšŸ˜°

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