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Last week story..

Ever since we started our GMP factory 2 months back; every single production is a learning curve for us.

Every time we do production; there will be a new ‘problem’ which we will ‘tackle, then, next problem will happen.

Sometimes the machine tak jalan, sometimes the label not enough, sometimes the packaging is wrong, sometimes raw material not enough. Sometimes the machine overheated and blow up the whole factory’s electricity! Banyak la.

So its like everytime the over optimistic me will feel ‘drained’ and disapointed at the end of the day because i will think that we will finish the production that day, but somehow it always takes 1-2 days more.

Luckily we have a production schedule person that is not as over optimistic like me and another staff 😂 

i guess that way my husband who is incharge of ‘staff’ and ‘roles’ is ‘pandai’ not giving me to be in charge of production. 

If me means; everything i wanna finish yesterday😂😂

So anyways; for this production; we have to finish 10500 pcs of bath salt. I got everything ready. 

Made sure the packaging was enough, raw mat enough, part timers ready, machine all working with back ups; almost perfect la. Which i thot can finish in 4 days (being overly optimistic again😂) but nope; something has to screw up: and this time is carton boxes😂😅 

So here it is; i cepat2 went to mydin to buy plastic bags to store them while waiting for the boxes to come this week. 

No choice🥲 we got banjir alert again! There js no more space upstairs and on racks🥲.

hope we can finish this week and send it out asap before heavy rain again🤞🏼🤞🏼

Have a great monday you all❤️❤️


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