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Behind The Scenes IN Gmp Factory Malaysia: Goats Milk Soap


Yesterday we did production in our GMP factory for one of our client.

This customer has a goats milk farm that has a lot of ‘rejected’ fresh goats milk.

Rejected usually probably coz of temperature, or coz of dilution/ not enough fat content etc.

So she didnt want to waste it coz kesian those goats; already kena pulled coz of the susu but have to discard these milk: its quite a waste😩

And so she came to us few weeks back; asking us to come up with a formulation so that she dont have to waste it.

Thru saponification process; we figured out the way to keep this goats milk and its nutritional value; 

And tada.. heres the process on how we make it. 

Soapmaking is slightly tedious than the regular liq soap, serums etc; but man its satisfying knowing that we helped to reduce waste! 

If you or anyone you know has a farm and want to turn your produces into soaps; do contact us at 0126643817.

If you prefer to make it yourself; check out our free recipe here


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