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Do We Need Moisturizer if we use Serum & Face Oil?

We just released the limited edition glass skin series last week and one of the ‘missing’ product is a moisturiser.

Many dmed us to ask if we have an option for moisturiser and the truth is nope.

We had the water cream but i didnt add it into this set because this set was made for lazy person (like me) and its suppose to only have essentials.

And thats right: moisturiser is not ‘essential’. 


For a skin to have a ‘perfect’ moisturizing effect; your product will need to be; emollient where it brings in moisture, occlusive where it locks in moisture, and humectant where it absorbs moisture.

Lets look at a moisturizers formulation.

A moisturizer is composed of oil phase, and water phase.

The oil phase is in it for providing the emolient and occlusive nature, while the water phase is where the humectant is.

The issue with moisturizer is; people don’t want the moisturizer to feel ‘heavy’ or thick; and so most of the time; its formulated to have very less oil phase; maybe 5%-10% while the rest will be water phase.

A product having lots of humectant feels great initially; but if you don’t block the moisture from evaporating (occlusion) and doesn’t soften & moisturize (emollient); it doenst really ‘serve’ a purpose.

Which comes back to the glass skin series; 

When i created it; i wanted something that works 100% what its suppose to do. Remember that this was a lazy person’s skincare. So i wanted something with maximum effect, with minimal work.

So thats when i created the serum, and face oil.

The serum is made using maks allowed hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid absorbs 1000x its moisture so its perfect as humectant.

It brings in moisture. But it doesnt lock it:

And thats why we have the face oil.

The face oil in the glass skin series is made using light easily absorbable oils like jojoba oil, rose hip oil and argan oil. Something that if you purchased outside; is crazy pricey (but since we are raw mat supplier we could get it at cheaper price and since we are manufacturers as well we could manufacture at very very affordable price). 

These oils will form a layer that will soften the skin, and at the same time lock the moisture in that was absorbed by the hyaluronic acid from the serum. 

And finally because of these two product; it will give you a 100% moisturizer effect; something that probably if you used a moisturizer; will only provide you 5-10% of the effect.

So answering your question: nope; you don’t need a moisturizer in this glass skin series:) 


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