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Financial Freedom & Early Retirement. Is It Really Worth It?

Its been years since i first read about financial freedom and its kind of exciting ‘notion’ that ive been trying to ‘achieve’ for years.

Its always the same thing; every weekend; ill check my numbers; just to make sure im on track.

But last month; this question arised; when do i stop? Human greed is one thing where its never ‘enough’ but even if its enough; then what? 

Do i stop soaplab? Of course not! I can do this all my life. 

So if not: then why do it? Why am i being so thrifty and hard on myself to achieve ‘financial freedom’ when i run my own business that i love🤔 why am i not joining my family on holidays just because i need to ‘invest’? 

Why am i not spending more on my kids extra curricular activities just because i need to keep a certain money aside? 

Why am i not pamepering myself with reflexology after a tired week in the factory? 

Why am i not following my husband for his movies just because the ‘cinema tickets’ and RM 10 more? 

Like so bodoh kan😭

So then there goes a quest finding out what other business people do; and there is hardly any information about that.

Big business owners; yes they do ‘retire’. (But eventually goes back to doing consulting or something) 

But most small business owners; they have their business for the rest of their life. Which im sure i will too (coz this business doesnt feel like job at all. Im FREE!) 

Yesterday; i read an interesting post about how someone in their 40’s retired after 20 years of saving almost 70% of their salary; only to go back to ‘work’ in 3 months.

We are human: we need to be needed. We need to be ‘important’ and apreciated

So i guess when you have your body parts still moving, and energy still there; i doubt you will stop doing anything important; and that eventually will help financially too

Most will have a side gig; a blog or youtube channel making them some income; or a side business that eventually will make more than what they earned in their salary; but most goes back to this. Most goes back to doing work that makes ‘money’.

So heres the question; if thats the case; where you will eventually go back to doing something; why not do it now? 

Like why wait till you achieve ‘financial freedom?’ Why are you half ‘dead’ saving and investing and being thrifty when eventually you wont be using that ‘money’? 

If at the end of the day; you are gona have a side gig; why not just do it now? 

I just dont understand why one needs ‘financial freedom’ that needs to cover all your expenses and emergencies when what you need is only probably ‘half’ of that 



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