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Creamy or Water Based Face mask?


Its been months since i did a proper formulation from scratch. 

Ive been really busy with our new GMP factory and we are still figuring out about the whole et up, and who is gona operate what etc. Theres lots of hiccups and it kind of ‘stopping’ my creativity:-)

Regardless; this month ive decided to make an exfoliating mask. 

The mask is suppose to be clay based; only it will also have mechanical exfoliatio from the ‘beads’ or any other exfoliator that ill be putting in.

This mask inspiration comes from the Glow Recipe’s Clay Mask.

Its ‘softer’ and it contain exfoliating cosmeceuticals like PHA, and it also has seeds in it that gives the exfoliating results.

I personally couldnt find blueberry seeds in malaysia so i decided to use the walnut seeds for exfoliation here.

In terms of formula; im still figuring out between it being creamy (oil based) or Water based (gel).

A creamy base is mostly oil based; were i could add more than 5% of the oil into it; and its emulsified by emulsifying wax and cetyl alcohol as the secondary thickener. I made it slightly runny than SoapLab’s lotion base (click here to fnd the formulation); and ive added hyaluronic acid based clay (basically clay thats infused with HA) and aboutt 5% walnuut seeds. Ive also added glucanolacone and glycolic acid in it for added exfoliation; the results: it was almost perfect.

I like it because its moisturising, and at thesame time exfoliates s well. I really like this formula.

However; when i did a poll in our instagram; many wanted the gel based ones; so here i am; trying it out.

To make it gel base; im using Acrypol 950, along with xanthan gum and celullose.

This combination is about 4% of the whole formulation (im still testing it out so i cant really say which is better). 

The remaining was water & botanical liquid extracts ( i used pearl xtract and aloe vera extract), added the same amount of clay and walnut seed.. and the results: YUCK! 

Its so goey and looks like snort.

Dont really like it; but i will still try it out until i perfect it.

Or maybe ill just combine them and see what happens..

I dont know..

But anyways; will report back once i find the perfect formula..

Till then;

Take care and Happy Monday! 


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