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Is Tranexemic Acid Approved by MOH (KKM) for Skincare ingredient?


So yesterday I launched our medical grade tranexemic acid moisturiser that was meant to be for hyperpigmentation.

Many didn't know about this ingredient and so I had explained about how this ingredient showed promising results for people with melanoma and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) where the candidates when used it for 1 weeks could see significant difference in their hyperpigmentation.

However; I know that some are still curious as to is this product registered with ministry of health Malaysia? Is this ingredient approved?

So here it is.

Is The Product Approved By KKM?

The product; Tranexemic Acid 3% by Chemist Brand (SoapLab Malaysia's Brand) will be notified to KKM once the label has been finalised.

We will be making this in our GMP approved Factory called SoapWorks (SoapLab's sister's company).

Once we finalised the label, we will register it with KKM and update here as well about it.

Is this Ingredient Approved by KKM?

yes it is. even though tranexemic acid is mostly used in controlling bleeding previously, one of the 'side effect' researcher noticed was 'fairer skin' and this is when it was used as treatment for pigmentation.

It can be consumed orally (you will have to go to the pharmacy to purchase it. and have to take higher dose), or you can apply it on skin. There are certain vehicles to be used so that it will penetrate the Stratum Corneum into the epidermis where most hyperpigmentation happens. it does not penetrate the skin into the blood stream with this vehicle (yes I know because this is what I've been learning all this while as a pharmacist:-)

Heres the snapshot from Annex 3 that says tranexemic acid can be used in skin products at 3%. 

Since 3% was what all the clinical trials said its effective for; it was just perfect percentage to be used.

Can I Use it During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?

I know that during pregnancy you get one of the worst pigmentation. However; due to it being an active ingredient; its advisable not to use tranexemic acid ingredients in your skincare. 

Go for something milder like niacinamide instead.


If you have any questions regarding this tranexemic acid serum; do email me directly at sales@soaplabmalaysia.com. ill reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading.. 

Where can I buy it?

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