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Retinol 1% By The Chemist; For Hyperpigmentation & Fine Lines


So if you have followed my story about the hyperpigmentation i got after my acne laser, you will know that im now on my quest to find the best way to remove my pigmentation safely! 

And so ive dive into clinical studies and ive been using all these ingredients since then (about 3 weeks) 

And one of such ingredient is the retinol!

Retinol is a form of vitamin A that helps in regenerating the skin. It works by increasing the skin turn over faster especially for those who are after 30’s coz at this point of time our skin regenerates probably every 30-45 days.

So what happens when skin regenerates slowly? You get dull skin. And coz of that you get this wrinkles and fine lines (u knw with dry skin and dull skin; it looks like ur skin berlapik2; making it look older than you are suppose to to) 

So when using retinol; it makes the skin regeneration faster. About 20-30 days (and if u use higher dose its much faster) 

When skin regenrates; old skin sheds off; making us look  younger coz there is new glowy skin all the time.

Now how does this help with hyperpigmentation? 

Now this depends on where ur pigments is. If you pigments are on the epidermis layer, regenerating the skin will help to shed the layer off; resulting in lighter/ no pigments at all. But if your pigment is deeper in dermis maybe (usually ur pigment will look grey/blue for this instead of dark brown), when skin regenerates, it comes higher to the surface and finally sheds off.

So if you have deep pigments, using the chemist’s tranexemic acid serum will reduce the production of pigments, and retinol helps to lift up ur existing pigments. It works hand in hand perfectly:) 

I decided to make retinol the second product released by the chemist brand; the brand i visualize to be medical grade skincare with proper active ingredient that works safely and is affordable for all..

So if you have pigmentation issue; or just for maintenance of your current youth: do use retinol:) 

Ive made this using jojoba oil so that you don get the drying side effect (coz it will the first month coz of old skin shedding) 

Im taking preorder for this till 30th Nov 2022. 

Heres where you can order this:


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