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Retinol For Hyperpigmentation or Anti-Aging?


Few days back we launched our retinol 1% Face Moisturizer and many had asked us what retinol is and how to use it; and so this post is to address that.

Retinol is an ingredient thats a type of Vitamin A. 

Retinol works by regenerating the skin. 

Where if you take a look at the infograph below; at different times in our life; our skin regenerates at different length. 

from google image
From Google image

When we were babies; it regenerates faster, as compared to when we are older where it takes a longer time to shed our skin.

And so due to that; we tend to get all wrinkly and dry because of this.

Now how do you reverse this? With ingredients that can regenerate the skin; like retinol! 

Retinol works only on the surface of the skin and it works by resurfacing the skin faster. 

Which means that when you apply retinol; the top layer of the skin sheds faster, revealing new baby like skin.

And whats this baby skin like? Well for a start; its almost poreless, and coz there is no more thick dry skin on your skin surface; you instantly look younger without wrinkles and fine line.

So how does it work for hyperpigmentation? 

For hyperpigmentation; its slightly different. 

Pigments are called melanin, and they are produced by melanocytes.

Melanocytes are located anywhere in our skin and it sort of gets aggravated by a lot of ‘stressors’.

A little uv ray; it gets aggravated. Using products thats a bit harsh: aggravated! Acne! Yes obviously. Its basiclaly everything la. Even You get mosquito bite also it gets angry and gives u pigments that lasts for weeks if not months! 

So when melanocytes gets disturbs; it produces melanin. And this melanin is what gives the color of our skin.

The darker the person is; the more sensitive their melanocytes are; and thats why we asians get bruised easily!

So anyway; how retinol works here.

Truthfully it doesnt. At least not alone! 

To get rid of hyperpigmentation, you will need a melanocyte blocker; and ingredients like Tranexemic Acid 3%, alpha arbutin 2-4%, kojic acid 0.5-2%, azeleic acid 10-20% (its banned in malaysia), hydroquinone 2-4% (only can purchase frm pharmacy/ doc): these are basiclaly the ingreidents that works on these melanocytes.

It reduces pigment production so that you don get much pigments; in the future! 

But now; how do you get rid of existing pigments? Thats when retinol comes in! 

Retinol will do its work by shedding the skin. And so every 21-28 days; when you use retinol (depending on the dose), it will bring the bottom skin to the surface. And so your older melanin; thats inside ur skin; will come up close and closer to the surface; until its finally gone:) 

Now what happens if you only use retinol? 

If you only use retinol; well it doesnt help! Coz your melanocytes are still hyperactive; so its like keeps on producing pigments; and even how ever much retinol u use, or however much regeneration of skin happens, new melanin are born all the time! So its like a whole chicken and egg story🥲

So thats why; for hyperpigmentation; its the best to use both melanocytes inhibitors, and retinol.

And for much better results; use vitamin C as antioxidants againts UV ray ( coz this aggravates melanocytes too) and use sunscreen! 

Basiclaly no matter what you do YOU MUST use sunscreen in Malaysia! 

So yeap there it is. This is how retinol works in both these conditions. 

If you wanted to get or try retinol; heres our readymade product using retinol. 

Its under our brand ‘The Chemist’ where we sell all our pharmaceutical grade skincare under this brand. Why pharmaceutical; coz its using ingredients that are backed up with clinical trial thats proven to be effective and safe. Do check it out:) 

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