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People were saying internet was a fad in 2000. And i believed it.


This newspaper article came out in year 2000. But my story goes back to year 1996. 

Back then my dad purchased a personal computer for me and my sister to ‘learn’. He had an IT degree so he was very forward thinking when it came to technology. 

I was 12, baru habis UPSR and suddenly there was this ‘connection’ between me and the rest of the world by just connecting to 1515😂 

I was so obsessed with it and i did every single thing on the internet; from printing posters of my fav actor, to writing lyrics, drawing birthday card, excel, game, everything la. 

You say kids these days are exposed too much to device? You should see me then! My kids probably dont even have half the screen time as i did back then. And tht time; it was called ‘education’🤭 and the best part; nobody knws tht can clear history so i did all the naughty things too😝

Anyways; in 2001/02 like tht i started my online business. Go to kenanga mall, buy staff, take pic, sell in blog. I baru finish form 5 and i was just testing. Tht time online banking also don have so people used to cash deposit or mostly post money order. 

Things was doing ok and i just did my degree etc like normal and kept this on the side as pocket money. 

Then one day; some palm reader read my palm; and mentioned that internet is a fad, and i shouldnt waste my time online. 

I didnt believe it; but then you know la when ppl say something; you notice negative things; like an article like this newspaper and you tend to believe it and finally; i tutup my business. 

For a year i was like a headless chicken with no aim. (Ok la i was working in a hosp insarawak already tht time) but when i go online; i macam no motive🥲 

And so around 2008: i restarted my business; coz not having anything to do online was eating me alive. 

That was 15 yrs ago; and since then; everything i do; it starts with the internet; and ends with it. 

Im just wondering what would have happened if i believed what the palm reader said; or what the articles or ppl around me said. Would i have the same life🤔

Conclusion: you may be the only one left who believes in you and thats actually enough! It takes just one star to pierce a universe of darkness💪🏼

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