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Do Business Owner Have To Look Rich?


A few days back i was talking to a business fren and we were just talking about how newbie business owners are and basically reminicing our past.

Ive been in this business for 10 years, and before that another business for 6 years, and There is a common perception that if the business owner is not using ‘luxury’ items; like cars or handbags or gold; then the person’s business is not doing well. 

And so in 2016/17; this fren and i had joined a cult marketing group and we also terikut2 with what all other business people were doing.

I mmg spend like there was no tomoro. I just thought that i had the midas touch that could turn anything to goal. And the ‘fake’ motivation we were getting in the course lagi bakar us to do all these thinking we can afford it. 

Unfortunately that time; one of our big customer’s business went down, and it was like a wake up call to stop what i was doing before i incured more debt. 

It wasnt until last year we settled all the debts. Shop for a year, payback for years. Quick fun, long pain😩

But looking at newbie business owners: its awesome that they are prospering; but the way they are spending in the ‘name of business’ its quite scary. 

Businesses have ups and downs; and there is a reason for years now first generation creates, second accumulates cautiously, third spends recklessly, ending the family business

Its all about cashflow (ie how much of cash the business has) you never know when we need it to bail the business. 

Like for us we have months sales are low so we have to take profit from previous months to cover it. Nasib baik i kedekut; so our expenses are low. 

All im saying is; to newbie business owners; or even those who are aspiring to be one; you may be making RM600k-1mil a month today; but in 6 months: you may only get 30k sales. Ive seen it happening again and again with our customers. 

So spend your profit wisely. 

And tak payahla wanna buy and show off all your luxury items; or your mansion, or car. I rasa it just creates envy and bad vibe je. 

 as customers, do you care about the ‘wealth’ of the business owner? Ke is it just me who thinks its not important🤔🤔 


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