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Why GMP Factory A Lot Wastages? Due to packaging

Many of you are curious as to why our GmP factory got so many wastages (and why i always have mini RM 9.90 sale) 


So heres the thing guys; in our factory; we are making mostly all naturally derived products. And these products generally don’t have long shelf life.

Now the problem is; most big order clients orders 5000pcs, 10000pcs and their packaging comes from overseas (kebanyakkan from 🇨🇳 ) and some of them are really poor quality ones. 

At times up to 20% rejected! 

And so imagine we have like 1000pcs (20-50kg) of ‘extra’ products that cant be filled. 

Usual practice for other places is to keep them stored till the remaining containers comes. 


Ours is natural product that will rosak in 12-18 months, and these packagings can take up to 3 months before it comes. 

I tak nak la give to the clients something thats gona rosak kan. Dah la they get bukan terus can sell also. Nanti tak pasal2 its in clients place for half a year amd left half year gona expired😩. 

So usually for this; i will make a fresh batch. Tapi; this existing batch? Takkan wanna throw kan! 

And so coz of that i usually recycle it by modifying it slightly (like change texture, change scent etc) so that its not the same as the client punya; you guys get to try new things, and we tak payah throw and waste. Plus u will use right away so no chances of it to ‘expire’ so soon pun. 

So anyway; thats the reason why; we have a lot of wastages and mini rm9.90 sale like what we are having currently😬

Hope this answers your queries


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