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Body Serum: A Lightweight Bodycare

Hi guys; i would like to share with you our new readymade product; Body Serum.

So what is body serum? Whats the difference with regular body lotion or cream? 

Well heres the thing; a cream and lotion can have ‘active’ ingredients too. You know like retinol, niacianmide, aha etc. 

However; because of its nature where its quite ‘oily’ and sticky; you cant put few actives and layer it. 

You know like most of these actives cant be mixed together in a product coz it affects stability; but at the same time sebab cream and lotion; it feels quite ‘yucky’ to layer them. 

Like takkan la wanna put retinol lotion, then on top of that niacinamide lotion, then aha lotion etc. 

So because of that; for years when it comes to ‘body’ you have to choose one and stay with it; while face bukan ‘main’ can just layer it up. 

So this made me realise that hey; maybe if people got a lot of problems on their skin, and needs to use different different actives; why not make a body serum?  Exactly like face serums? 

Body serum is light weight, easily absorbed, high concentration active that can be easily layered before you put the final cream or lotion. 

For now only few brands have this in the market; and so i decided to create it and who knows; if later you guys wanna make your own products you can get frm us too simce we do have OEM factory and moq for this is only 10 for starters:) 

So introducing body serums.. a light weight serum for your body. 

For now we have retinol and Niacinamide; in the future we will have more lile aha, bha for different purposes as well. 

Heres what these products can help to resolve:

For wholesale / OEM enquiries; whtsapp us for more details. 


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