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How Business Perception Changes The Older We Get

 Two weeks back i took a short break to cherating over the weekend. Truthfully i havent gotten the ‘time’ to go for any real holiday for a while. 

It was always someone’s wedding or some gathering to attend far away but never a trip for me and my family. I could easily say the last i did this was mayb 6 years ago. 

So this time; i switched off completely; send the kids to their kiddi club, my hubby went to explore the resort while i just sat by the beach, looking at the sea. 

My plan was to reflect on the future of soaplab

In a meditative state; i watched the waves and just ‘letting my creative juice flow’ 

Then one question came to mind; if lets say i was left in the middle of the ocean: where would i swim towards? 

Would I swim back to where I am now, or would I head towards the unknown, to explore a new ‘pulau’?

Now if you asked me this 10-15 yrs ago; i would have chosen the unknown because; never know what is waiting for me the other side. 

It could be a land full of opportunities or perhaps a complete waste of time.

But ask me now, and I’d say I’d swim back to where I am. It’s a land of familiarity, where everything is just as it should be. It’s a place I know and love, with food that I enjoy. Its comfortable and familiar.

What a difference aging does to us isnt it? I dont know if it is ‘maturity’ or is it ‘tired’ but for now; i would always come bck to someplace familiar. 

And thats what im gona do for my business too.. 

How about you? The older you get; do you feel like ‘exploring more’ or are you comfortable being where you are? Do you have the ‘desire’ and ‘burn’ to do more; or are you just grateful with what you have currently? 

P/S: turns out the next pulau the other side was riau, indonesia. Thank God I chose Cherating. Riau may be beautiful, but Malaysia is where my heart is. There’s something special about being home, surrounded by the places and people you love


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