How To Make Mango Lip Scrub Malaysia

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

in todays' how to series ill be showing you how to make mango lip scrub.

What is Lip Scrub?

If you are sitting in cold area like in air cond etc; your lips will tend to get really dried. After sometime there will be this layer of dried skin on your lips that will be sticking out.
Unfortunately you cant pull it out without injuring your lips; thats when you use lip scrub to gently exfoliating it out of your lips.

To use a lip scrub simply apply on lips and gently scrub your lips. Once done, rinse it and apply lip balm for more moisturising effect.

In this recipe we are using mango butter. Mango butter is very moisturising and tastes great too:-) it contents lots of phytosterols; natural steroids that heals inflamed skin therefore it will also treat your lips that was injured from dry skin previously and also moisturise it.

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