How To Make: Miss Rosy Cheeks Facial Cleanser (Anti Aging)

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Hi all.
Today ill be showing you how to make a facial cleanser specifically for anti aging.

Lately i love to make anti aging products because as a business owner; i realised that most women above 27 years old need to use anti aging skincare.

Since most women who purchases are around that age group; it makes sense to make anti aging skincare specifically for those with sensitive skin and dry skin.

In this recipe we are using SoapLab's Castile Liquid Soap Base. One of the most moisturising base we have and its made using 100% pure olive oil.

Olive oil is known to be a humectant. it acts like a sponge that absorbs water mist from surrounding (the air) and makes our skin very well moisturised.

Added together is SoapLab's Geranium Rose and Chamomile Essential Oil. Geranium Rose is used to combat aging and chamomile is to sooth sensitive skin and rashes if you have face dermatitis.

Ive also added kaolin clay as it contains a lot of minerals that also acts to treat problematic skin like rashes due to sensitive skin reaction.


  1. Anti-Aging
  2. Sensitive Skin
  3. Face Dermatitis
  4. Dry Skin

How To Make Video:

Make sure you follow this Good Manufacturing Procedure before making.

*Premixed means powder mixed with glycerin to avoid powder clumping.

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