How To Make: Natures Bounty Facial Mask Cleanser (Anti-Acne)

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

In today's How to Make series ill be showing you how to make facial cleanser for anti acne.

In this recipe we are using SoapLab's Castile Liquid Soap Base. 

castile liquid soap is made using 100% olive oil and its one of the mildest soap around. Its not harsh and its very suitable for oily skin as well as all other skin type.
Acne skin usually are oily skin and the most popular belief is to use a soap or facial cleanser that is 'harsh'.

Its normal to think that when you have oily skin you need something strong to get rid of the oil.

Unfortunately when you wash your face with these 'harsh' soap (usually those commercial soaps); it will result in you skin surface be really dry.

It will be dry for a while but then the skin will then produce more oil to compensate with the dryness; causing your face to be oily again after 30 mins. when skin is oily, sebum production will increase and your acne will worsen.

Alternatively; use a milder soap like Castile Liquid Soap.

Added together in this soap is Green Tea Extract. Green Tea works on skin by controlling sebum production. when sebum is lesser; lesser formation of acne happens. 

There is also a studies showing that when use consequently for 8 weeks; there was a reduction of 50% acne/pimples as compared to those who use acne product without green tea present. 

Thats how awesome green tea is! So because of that; we added green tea into this:-)

Also in this cleanser is SoapLab's Tomato Extract. Tomatoes are filled with lycopene. Lycopenes are filled with natural antioxidants and when use on acne skin; will reduce the chances of 'marks' due to acne. 

Its also a natural anti-inflammator which would reduce the redness and spreading of acne on skin. When used over time (for 8-12 weeks); it also works to reduce oily face and it dries up acne. 

We have also added in French Rose Clay. Like Tomato Extract it works to sooth inflammation and dry acne. This product works like a mask and cleanser with the addition of this rose clay.

So when combined together in this recipe; the castile liquid soap, tomato extract, Rose Clay and green tea extract; it would give you a powerful product that combats and reliefs acne.


  1. Anti Acne
  2. Anti Inflammation
  3. Suitable for Sensitive Skin
  4. Reduce Oil & Sebum Production

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