How To Make: Purify & Matify Eucalyptus Facial Mask Cleanser (Sinus)

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

in today's how to series ill guide you on how to make a facial mask cleanser that is specifically for those who have sinus, and needs something to take off their daily stress.

What is Facial Mask Cleanser?

Basically this product works both as facial mask and a cleanser. To use it simply rub it on your face (its paste-y) and leave it on for few minutes before washing it off. It serves as cleanser too therefore you don't need to apply another cleanser after using this.

Added in is Eucalyptus essential oil. Eucalyptus is suitable for someone who has flu and this cleanser works as anti sinus when you inhale the eucalyptus Eo.

Also in this is spearmint EO. spearmint is used as anti-stress in this. When inhaling this you will get a nice aroma that would release your daily stress.

Ive also added french green clay in this cleanser. French green clay has a lot of minerals that will nourish your skin especially if you have inflamed and sensitive skin. It also deeply cleanse your skin when applied.


  1. Stress Release
  2. Anti-Sinus
  3. Deep Cleansing & Purifying
  4. Sensitive Skin

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