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How To Make: Baby Cream for Dry Spot (DIY)

Hi all! Anyone who's a mum would most likely have experienced "baby eczema" where there's random dry spots on your baby's skin. Why? Because they've got extra soft and sensitive skin easily prone to damage than us adults. 

This happens most commonly in babies that just started crawling. Don't worry it's not a problem that SoapLab can't solve ;)  For this, we needed a cream that not only moisturises, but also protects soft baby skin. 

For this, we begin with SoapLab's signature cream base. We add shea butter as it provides a moisture barrier as well as getting absorbed into the skin easily. To protect your babies skin from the environment and to strengthen it, we use some vitamin E. 

Next we chose almond oil, a super mild oil with a lot of fatty acids to help combat the dry patches. We tried it on our babies and also our own rough elbow patches, and it works like magic! 

Since we made a big batch, we asked our family and friends to try it, and they wanted to buy from us hahah! of course we said sorry, you guys have to make it yourself... So, all of you SoapLab fans, just create a strong brand and build a customer base that trusts you. Once they know you are offering honest products that can solve their problems, they will definitely buy from you.  

 Ingredients: (makes 200g Baby Cream)

  1. SoapLab’s Shea Olive Cream Base 
  2. Shea Butter 
  3. Vitamin E 
  4. Sweet Almond Oil 
  5. Baby Graceful Fragrance Oil 
  6. Rubbing Alcohol 
  7. Storage Container 

Watch Video How To Make:

Download PDF Recipe


  1. Always test the product on your skin for allergic test first. Click here to find out how to do so
  2. If you are selling this product, advice your consumers to do allergic test first
  3. Make sure all your utensils and work surface is clean and sterilise as dirty area and utencils can reduce shelf life of scrub
  4. Do not add in any Fresh ingredients that can spoil easily as this will reduce the shelf life of scrub. Click here to find out more
  5. If applying on face, avoid citrus based or sandalwood essential oil as Malaysian weather will cause your skin to be easily sun burnt. Wear sun protection if add these Essential oils.
  6. If you have any questions; please don't hesitate to contact us here via FB messenger.
  7. If you are interested to start a business in skincare but not sure how; join our FB SoapLab Malaysia Club here. (Monthly charges applies)
  8. If you would like to join our Skincare & Soap Making Class Click here

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