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Handmade Unscented Baby Nappy Balm (For newborn) in Malaysia

Hi guys! Today's recipe is a nappy balm for your little one's bottom :) All of us know, our babies often get irritated skin around the nappy area. Especially in our hot tropical climate... even more often! 

Introducing a cream or balm as a barrier between the nappy and baby skin is a great way to prevent this. As a parent, we know how important it is to know what goes onto your child's skin. 

That is why we list all ingredients on our website and teach you the recipes. This also helps build a trust base with your customers and in return, they will be loyal to your brand too. Open communication with your customers is always key :) 

In this balm, we use shea butter to moisturize your baby's skin. Shea butter nourishes deeply and also protects the skin's natural moisture. 

Next we use coconut and avocado oil...mmm so luxurious! Together, their anti inflammatory properties calm your baby's skin and prevent skin irritations. 

We then use beeswax which creates a moisture barrier for your babies so that they are always protected from dryness and redness too. Beeswax is also a humectant like honey, which means it attracts moisture from the environment to the skin. 

And just with these simple ingredients, you have perfect recipe to solve all your nappy woes while leaving your little one happy and cheerful :)  

Ingredients: (makes 200g Baby Balm)

  1. 60g Avocado Oil 
  2. 60g Coconut Oil 
  3. 30g Beeswax
  4. 50g Shea Butter
  5. Rubbing Alcohol 
  6. Storage Container 

Watch Video How To Make:

Download PDF Recipe

  1. Always test the product on your skin for allergic test first. Click here to find out how to do so
  2. If you are selling this product, advice your consumers to do allergic test first
  3. Make sure all your utensils and work surface is clean and sterilise as dirty area and utencils can reduce shelf life of scrub
  4. Do not add in any Fresh ingredients that can spoil easily as this will reduce the shelf life of scrub. Click here to find out more
  5. If applying on face, avoid citrus based or sandalwood essential oil as Malaysian weather will cause your skin to be easily sun burnt. Wear sun protection if add these Essential oils.
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