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Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) Restrictions In Your Country? What To Do If You Cant Make Cold Process Soap? (CP Soap)

Hi good morning all.

Today i'll be talking about the alternatives you have if you cant make your own CP Soaps. In some country; including Singapore and Malaysia; it's very difficult to get lye (NaOH). In order to get lye (sodium hydroxide) you need licence and a specific workplace to use it because of various reasons by the law.

Due to these restrictions; it can be quite impossible to make any cold process soaps. And since you already know why cold process soap is the superior soap; what do you do then?

Well; because of these reasons i created the Natural Soap Base line. In Soaplab we have the natural soap base and the handmade soap base. Both are handmade; however; the natural soap base is made using the cold process oil method.

When we make the natural soap base; we still use natural oil such as coconut oil and olive oil with lye. We blend it just like the cold process soap and if just left alone; it is exactly cold process soap; and all the same benefit as the cold process soap. Heres some recipes you can make using the cold process method from scratch.

However; if you realise this; cold process soap is almost impossible to be 're-meltable'. It melts at 200++ degrees and there is also chances of the soap to 'burn' if not melted properly. Due to that; when  we created the soap base; we added solvents that can 'dissolve' the soaps and bring it to a lower melting point. For that reason we added ingredients like glycerin and sorbitol (sugar cane concentrate) to make the soap much meltable at 50 degrees. Read here the process we did this soap & here.

Now this Natural soap base works exactly like a normal melt and pour soap base; but it has the quality of a cold process soap. Its suitable for sensitive skin, dry skin and eczema skin.

Its also unlike any melt and pour soap where if you 'dry' this soap after its made for a week; you don't have glycerin dew as well! Imagine a melt and pour soap that doesn't sweat! We found this out accidentally but we were so excited about it because now this soap base is exactly like a cold process soap; you don't have to wrap it with plastic anymore!

Currently in SoapLab we have 5 range of the natural soap base; which is all made from coconut oil, with options of olive oil and shea butter in it too:)

So here it is; if you cant make cold process soap but want the same 'quality' of soap; alternatively you can use the SoapLab's natural soap base range.

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