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Why powder extract and liquid extract? What is the difference in Handmade Soaps & Cosmetics?

Hi good morning. Today ill be talking about the extracts that we add into our cosmetics and skincare.

In SoapLab Malaysia we have both the liquid and powdered extract and there has been a lot of confusion as to which to use when and which is superior and so on.

But before that let me talk about the difference between herbal extract vs whole herbs.

Herbal Extract VS Whole Herbs

Many people have this idea that the powdered extracts for cosmetics are basically herbs in its whole form that is dried and made into powder. Well not exactly:(

The cosmetic extracts are component of plants thats extracted to give a ‘certain’ benefit. 

In the science of learning about plant component (called phytochemistry; something that I’m planning to do my phd on) we come to know that each plants have thousands of components in it; and each has some benefits but theres also a lot ‘without’ any benefit for skin. 

So for extracts; usually the plants will be studied and the ‘useful’ components are extracted out and sold as ‘pure extracts’ like those sold in SoapLab.

Due to that; you should not use more than the recommended dose as its ‘potent’. It’s the best to speak to your supplier on how much to add as different suppliers have different ratios. 

Previously we had encountered suppliers (those sold to us) that sells the 'whole plant extract' instead of the herbal extracts. If you were getting the whole herbs you will have to put much more because its not 'strong enough' but at the same time when you put too much; it becomes like a bug food that attracts bacteria and molds resulting in your products having a shorter shelf life. So its the best to always check with your suppliers. 

Process Of How Its Extracted

To make herbal extracts; usually; the whole plants will be extracted by solvents to produce the 'desired' components from these plants. If left alone; this will then become the liquid extract. 

But to make it more potent; usually these extracts’ solvents will be evaporated out or dried out (depending on the solvents) and then that becomes dry powder (the powdered extracts)

Powdered Extracts Stronger Than Liquid Extract

So usually; the powdered extracts are more ‘stronger’ and potent than the liquid extracts; since the liquid extracts are combination of the extract & solvents; while the powdered extracts are only extracts; hence the amount of powder to use is much lesser than the liquid ones. 

Below is the list of extracts and its uses (based on the components in the extracts) that is available in SoapLab. 

Do download it using the code: EXTRACTSEBOOK to learn more about the extracts and it’s functions. By using the code you will get it for free:-)

Most of SoapLab’s extracts are for those with sensitive and problematic skin. More for moisturising, brightening, acne, anti inflammatory (eczema & psoriasis) and more.

If you would like to purchase our extracts; we are currently having promotion whereby you could get 5 extracts for RM 59. Click here to purchase.

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