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Is Your Face Mask (from Covid) Causing You To Have Skin Problems & Breakouts?

Special Appearance By Me in the pharmacy i work in :-D

Hi guys..
so the MCO just almost ended in Malaysia and some of us have to get back to work. The new rules announced was that we must wear mask at all times. In fact even if it isn't a rule; you should wear a mask at all times.

And so let me give you an advice since I've been wearing it at work (in the pharmacy i work in) for more than 8 hours a day; it will spoil your skin!

Yes guys it will huhu.

Anyways the first week; it was ok. the second week; my skin started to itch and become red; and the third week; my rashes started and the skin tend to become a little 'dirty' with blocked pores; making it look like acne.

well it does makes sense.

If you were wearing mask 'tightly' and securely to a point 'virus' cant get in; similarly; the bacteria existing from our mouth and nose cant escape too! Yes our mouth have naturally occurring bacteria and it doesn't disturb us at normal times. But when we breathe and talk behind a mask; it kind of bounces back and forth between the mask and our skin. sooner or later; it doesn't have a choice but to be on our skin.

On top of that; due to low 'air circulation' our skin is 'damp' and it's a perfect space for bacterias and fungus to 'live'.

Then you go back home; and wash your skin; yeay; but what about your pores; are you sure you are removing all the dirt?

Then to top it off; the mask is tightly held on your skin that you will get 'cuts'.

So much of problem right?

Well guess what; i found a very easy solution; use face oil on your skin before mask. Yeap! its that easy.

Face oil is kind of like a protection between the outside and the skin. Its 100% oil and usually; we use face oil as emollient and occlusion that traps moisture in skin. So like me; i use the rice & rose serum thats hydrating, and after that i apply the face oil. That way; it will lock the hydration in and water from my skin wouldn't escape.

But just like how it doesn't allow 'water' from skin to escape; it also helps to built a layer on the skin; preventing 'anything' to touch your skin. and this includes the droplets of water from your mouth and nose!

Isn't it awesome?

Traditionally we use all oil product/ ointment on baby's nappy rash for the same reason. This ointment prevents baby's skin/ bum to touch the 'urine' in the dypers thats actually causing the rash. By preventing this urine to skin contact; the rash on the skin heals faster and less painful. Similarly; this concept can be use on our face too.

But of course using balm or thick ointment can be a bit too sticky for face; especially in humid weather like ours.

So instead; use a lighter oil like jojoba oil, argan oil etc on your face for this purpose.

Heres a recipe that you could follow to make a face oil. 

And after that; when you get back home; use this Brightening Strawberry facial cleanser to remove all the oil, and use Juniper Exfoliating Toner to remove the blackheads and clean the pores. And finally rehydrate your skin using this Rice & Rose Serum. repeat:-)

This way; hopefully it will help you the way i did. Click on the link to the product above to find out recipe on how to DIY these products.

If instead you want to purchase readymade; we are taking preorder for these products now here.

Thank you and good luck:-)
Please take care and stay safe.

Till we meet again next time;

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