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How To Make: Sage & Sea Salt Liquid Soap

For today's recipe we will be making Sage & Sea Salt Liquid Soap.

If this is the first time you are making these handmade soaps; i woudl suggest that you stop here and read these post first:

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Now that you know what precautions you have got to take; lets take a look at the recipes.

Ingredients needed:

1) 500g of Soap Lab Malaysia's Liquid Castile Soap
2) 5g Peacock Green Mica Color
3) 30ml Sage and Sea Salt Liquid Soap
4) Bottle to store

How To Make:

1) Measure all ingredients in clean utencils
2) Mix color with a little liquid soap base to mix the colors well first
3) add Sage & Sea Salt Fragrance Oil and mix. The soap will get very thick. Dont worry about it and continue mixing
4) add the remaining balance ; liquid soap base
5) Mix till fully incorporated. If there is too much bubbles when you are stirring; spray the bubbles off using a rubbing alcohol
6) Pour into clean bottle/jar. Leave it for 24 hours. Ready to use after that
7) Your liquid soap will not be as thick as the normal commercial soap after 24 hours. This is because in order to keep it natural we do not add any artificial thickener.

Video on how to Make?

Who is this suitable for?

This liquid soap is made using a mild olive oil soap base. This base is very moisturizing therefore its suitable for those who have sensitive skin, dry skin, babies, older people with hormonal prob (they have dry skin), normal skin and acne skin. This soap base is not suitable for someone who is very active and sweats easily as this is a mild soap.

Can i Sell these?

Yes these are tried and tested formula. If you need help on starting up or not sure how to start etc; we have an entrepeuner coaching group that you could join here for free. This group is suitable for those who have not started a business, or who have started a business and are making RM 50k below a month.

How to purchase the ingredients?

To purchase the ingredients you can either purchase through thiswebsite here or you could whatsapp our sales team (mon-fri 10am-4pm) at Contact us Here Please allow 24-48 hours for us to reply your order as we have many whatsapp enquiry daily. The fastest way would be to purchase via the website.

If i have more question?

If you have more questions regarding product making or you want to ask something about the ingredients or if you would want to change the recipes here to something that will suit your business; you could join our Facebook Formulating Advice Group Here (monthly subsription service)

If you want to request for a certain blog post/ article/ How To Videos; you could submit your questions here.

Thank You for Reading;

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