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How To Make: Minty Chamomile Natural Solid Deodorant

Have you ever come across this problem with your deodorant where you feel its really sticky and after 2-3 days; it feels like the sticky residue is still stuck between your armpits and it starts stinking?

Ive had this problem lately; as in for 4-5 years. It turns out my favourite not so favourite deodorant is now 48 hours anti perspirant as compared to previous 12-24 hours. So i guess theres been a change of formulation for them and unfortunately; its no longer suitable for me:-( Its probably also due to our high humidity level in this country thats making the 'stickiness' worst. Ive tried removing them everyday using oil make up remover and its better than using any commercial or natural soap to remove all the 'stickiness'. However; of course its not cost effective.

So what do i do? Of course make it myself!

Now if you do look around the ned you will realise there are many recipes using sodium bicarbonate and starch to make powder deodorant but i really find it hugely inconvenient to apply. Plus it doesn't stick to your arm pit and the powder at times gets stuck on my clothes. Imagine wearing darker coloured clothes with white stuff on it. so many times people mistook it as dandruff!

So anyway, i looked around and i came across Lush's Aromaco Solid Deodorant and i did my own version using that as my base recipes.

If you could click here; you will be brought to Lush's Aromaco's page to take a look at its ingredients. Here is what it contains:

Witch hazel, Propylene glycol, Sodium Stearate, Chamomile, Sodium Bicarbonate, Patchouli Oil and some fragrance.

Looks complicated? Don't be. When you divide it, it just looks something like this: Sodium Stearate: is a soap version of stearic acid (stearic acid + sodium hydroxide --> Sodium Stearate), Propylene glycol a humectant, Sodium bicarbonate is an ingredient commonly used in natural deodorant making (baking soda), and the rest are essential oils and fragrances. Witch hazel is used in here for its antibacterial effect (eliminate the smell of arm pits).

So here is my version of this recipe. Since i didn't want to use stearic acid in this recipe (because i want to experiment), im changing it for fats that has one of the highest stearic acid content; Shea Butter. Propylene glycol as a humectant i wanted to change it to sorbitol because its more natural. However; i didn't have sorbitol at home therefore i mixed my own 70% sorbitol using sugar cane sugar and distilled water. I wanted my deodorant to have minty feel in it therefore i changed the essential oil to peppermint and added chamomile essential oil for its fresh scent and some chamomile buds to make it look nice. So at the end; the recipes were as below:

Ingredients Needed:

  1. Witch Hazel Distillate 10 grams
  2. Refined Shea Butter 50gram
  3. Sugar Cane Sugar 5gram
  4. Distilled Water 3 grams
  5. Sodium Hydroxide 6 grams
  6. Sodium Bicarbonate 30 grams
  7. Peppermint Essential il 3 grans
  8. Chamomile Essential Oil 3 grams
  9. Dried Chamomile buds (5 buds per mold).

before that; if you are new to this; please read these first:

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Now that you know what precautions you have got to take; lets take a look at how to make it:

How To Make It:

  1. Prepare All Ingredients
  2. Melt shea butter in microwave or double boiler
  3. In another container mix witch hazel, Distilled Water, sugar and sodium hydroxide until everything is melted
  4. Add mixture from num (3) into melted Shea butter and mix until its at condensed milk consistency. 
  5. Add Sodium Bicarbonate and mix till all incorporates well
  6. Add essential oils and mix till all incorporates
  7. Add Chamomile buds and pour into molds.
  8. Leave for 78 hours or more till its harden
  9. Ready to use. Store in air tight container and avoid high humid/ watery area.
* P/S: You are using sodium hydroxide in this. Make Sure you follow lye handling protocols. Always wear gloves when handling as it can burn skin when applied directly! Its not dangerous anymore once mixed with oils. 

Video How To Make It:

Conclusion After using for a week:

  1. its perfect. No more smelly arm pits and no more disgusting sticky feeling
  2. Its slightly soft therefore it may need longer time to harden. Once this is finished ill be doing another version with an addition of beeswax. will upload the video and recipe for that soon.
  3. It would have been better recipe for a 'balm' like container and not as solid deodorant becuse its still soft.


This shampoo is suitable for all skin type. It can be used daily.


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