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Tea Tree Oil In Acne Treatment For DIY Skincare

Hi all.
As you can see; this whole week we did a series of anti acne treatment using tea tree oil.
So today ill be talking about how Tea Tree Oil works as anti acne.

Now before we go on; i know that there is a whole lot of love hate relationship with the scent of tea tree oil. Most people knows its benefit but many dont like the smell. Well heres the thing; its an acquired smell.. You will like it after sometime. So just bare with it because its awesome!

What Is Trea Tree Oil And Where Does It Come From?

Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil that comes from Australia. Its scientific name is Melaleuca alternifolia  and the oil is exracted from the leaves. Apparently 1 kg leaves are needed to extract 1-2g or the oil so you can imagine how potent it is.

What Is It Used For 

So tea tree oil is used for centuries to treat various problems such as bacterial infections, viral infections, Fungal infections, antiseptic and so on.

But today we will be discussing its role as anti acne. 

Now as we all know; acne can be divided into tow; one is the one with pus, and another without. The ones with pus usually contains bacteria inside and usually requires antibiotics to reduce it. This is where the tea tree oil comes in.

Components in Tea Tree Oil:

One of the most important component in Tea Tree Oil is terpinen-4-ol (which is about 30-40% in it). Studies shows that with at least 30% of terpinen-4-ol in Tea Tree Oil already has microbial effect (ie it can kill the bacteria).
So when you use a tea tree oil for acne especially; make sure that your tea tree oil is at least 30% terpinen-4-ol.

Which Bacteria Does It Kill?

There are many studies been done and so far these are the bacterias that Tea Tree Oil was seen to eradictae most gram positive bacterias and some gram negatives (not conclusive studies but it MAY work); staphylococci and micrococci, Enterococcus faecalisPseudomonas aeruginosa, and Propionibacterium acnes

As you can see; the bacteria causing acne is also in it therefore; using tea tree oil in acne treatment may work.

How much of Tea tree Oil Can I Use?

You can use up to 5% of Tea Tree Oil in your solid soap, and up to maks of 2% in other skincare.

What Products Can I Make With Tea Tree Oil

Heres a list of products we made with tea tree oil before:

  1. Acne Gel Cleanser
  2. Acne Cream Cleanser
  3. Acne Serum
  4. Acne Moisturiser
  5. Acne Toner

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