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What To Do With Expired Breast Milk?

If you are a mom who feels devastated and heart broken when you see your milk goes to waste; then you are in the right page.

Few years ago; i was in your position too. I just delivered my beautiful baby girl and as a mom; i was determined to give her the best! and everyone knows that no formula milk could replace mommy's milk; and so when i wasnt feeding her directly; i would obsessly 'pump'. I had so many 4oz milk nicely stacked in my fridge.

Then one fine day; while i was away for a quick weekend gateaway; the electricity went off; and so did the milk too! You can imagine how i felt! all my hard work gone!

And thats when i decided to make soaps using those milk. It may not be suitable for my daugther to drink it; but it was definately great to be applied on my daughter's skin. Especially since she was starting to get 'heat rash'.

So using my pharmaceutical knowledge ( i worked in dermatology setting and government's outpatient setting for 6 years before that) and i formulated a soap that would be good in quality, soft and moisturising for skin, and a soap that could has a long shelf life!

Here; i would like to share this knowledge with you. 

The ingredients you will need is:

  1. Oil mixture of (castor oil 10%, Olive Oil 30%, Coconut Oil 30%, Olive Oil 30%)
  2. 100g Frozen Expired Breast Milk
  3. 36g Lye For Solid Soap 
  4. Essential oil or fragrance of choice (optional)
  5. Color Of Choice (optional)
*We do not recommend using essential oils for babies below 1 year old. Click here to view why.


1) Handblender or egg whisk (better a handblender because its faster)
2) 3 Containers (anything that is microwavable)
3) Small Stirrer (stainless steel)
4) Spatula (silicone based)
5) Mold
6) Digital Scale


1) Dilute lye into Breast Milk following this method:
2) Mix all the oils together in a container
3) Add (1) into two and mix till thickens to pudding like state
4) Pour into mold and tap the mold to release air bubbles
5) leave for 24-36 hours. Unmold and cut using regular knife
6) leave it to dry fully (cure) in open area for 4-6 weeks. It's ready to use after that.

Video On How To Make:

I was just so happy when i could make these soaps. Its 5 years now and i still have some of them. keeping it in the fridge because one day; i would like to give it to my daughter so she knowns how hard this mommy worked to feed her (keeping on one: for emotional blackmail later in her teenage rebelious years HUAHAHAH (evil laugh).

So anyways; im just saying this because it kind of 'helped' me. Truthfully; i was so obsessed with pumping that i woke up every 2 hours to do it. I used to be in those breastfeeding mom's groups and i saw people showing off their stash and i wanted mine too. It was few months of stash and it was all gone in one weekend. I was going crazy and i was really down. This was an outlet and a channel i used to let it go. I hope you didnt go through this like me but if you did; talk to me here:-) 

As for the rest of you who didnt have that whole dramatic event like mine:-D i would like to invite you do download my BM skincare ebook. Its a compilation of different skincare that you could make with BM. soaps, lotions, masks and more..do download it.

And just because im feeling very generous; i would like to give it to you for FREE!
use code: BMMILK to get it for free.

Oh.. And if you wanted to try out this BM soap; ive bundled up a kit where you just got to provide BM & kitchen equipments and the rest is provided by us (including the mold!). We will be giving you the steps as well. 

And our customer service is reachable during working hours if you have any questions when you are making it. I really want this to work for you! 

This kit can make you 12 pcs of soap, and you will need 200g of Frozen Expired BM (thats about 7oz)

Our usual price is RM 79/ kit.  

But from mom to mom and i really want you to try it because it will 'change' you too; I would like to offer you a FREE Color of Choice (Worth RM 15)
*while stock lasts.

Free Colour (Use Code: ColourBM to get it free)

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