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Welcome To SoapLab Malaysia Soap Classes Enquiry Page!

SoapLab Malaysia is dedicated to guide people from all around the world on how to make Safe Natural skincare products that are both high in stability (doesn't spoilt fast) and safe on skin (not every natural ingredient is safe!)

We have few classes that is taught by our pharmacist & Co-Founder: Nisha Patel. The classes will be held on weekends (usually Saturdays) at our premise (warehouse) in Subang Jaya.

What Our Students Said About Our Classes:

"Soap making classes by Soaplab was very informative and easy to understand while uncovering a whole new amazing world. It takes away the mystery while being fascinating at the same time.
After using my own handmade soaps i never go back to commercial soaps anymore and my skin testify for the benefits. Its also an awesome gift to give. Thanks Nisha for opening me up to a whole new world"- JANE E T WONG

"Hi Nisha! Thanks for the wonderful workshop. You made the process seem easy (i know its very hard for a first timer like me) and now im eager to do more handmade soap for me and my family. I can save a lot! i also start selling my handmade soap and my friends love them too!"- Noorfazira

"Thank you SoapLab. Your step by step guidance on making soap has made it easier for me to practice it at home. It is worth every dollar spent! Tq again SoapLab!" -Hani Rashid.

Pictures of Our Student's Creation

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Soap Making Class: Business Formulation Class

Whats Formulation?

Formulation is creating a recipe from scratch. Its more for those who wants to learn how to make your own unique secret recipe that no one will know but you:)
Usually if learning how to make soap with another teacher; they will give you an existing recipe that you just follow. i HATE THAT! For me if you are paying you should get the full knowledge! So in this course you learn and will be creating it your own!
If you get someone to do the formulation for you it costs easily rm60000-80000/recipe.
If you get a company to do oem for you they can use your recipe for someone elses product. So easier to get counterfit product. 
Therefore with this formulation course: everything is a secret that only you and your company knows! 
Its one of its kind and ive checked: no one in the world is doing it. 
Soaplabmalaysia is the first and thanks to you guys for encouraging me to do this

What Does The Course Cover?

Introduction and history of Soap

  1. Basic formulation recipe 
  2. How to make soap for different diseases (eczema, acne, psoriasis etc)
  3. How to make soap, pet shampoo, shampoo, detergent etc 
  4. How to tweak formulation to give more 'value' to soap so that you sell at higher price 
  5. How to make the soaps (hands on workshop)
  6. lye safety and handling (hands on workshop)
  7. The 4 methods of making soap and when to use what for your business 
  8. How to calculate pricing 
  9. How to make big batch production (to scale up and make 1000 pcs one go)
  10. business licencing and gmp 
  11. The career path you can join after this course if you didnt want to make and sell product (there is 4 more!) 

Who is it for?

  1. Those who wants to start business in natural skincare
  2. Those who wants to expend their existing natural soap business
  3. Those who wants to own their own formulation rights

Who is it not for?

  1. hobbyist (you can get all the recipes here)
  2. those who dont want to learn and wants things easy.

What Will You Bring Back After Class?

  1. Confidence to create & sell your own soap
  2. Notes
  3. FB Group COACHING for 1 months
  4. 12 bars of soap (with your scent and herbs of choice)
  5. 500g Lye for you to make this at home (practice makes perfect!)
  6. 1kg of Natural Melt and Pour Soap (Coconut Soap)
  7. 100g Castile Liquid Soap Paste to make liquid soap

What if I have questions after class?

Don't worry. unlike other classes this class will have a group created specifically for your class so that you can ask the teacher (Nisha) questions incase you have any after the class. This group will be conducted via FB group and the teacher will answer any enquiries you may have about this class within 24 hours. This group will be for 6 months so that there is more than enough time for you to ask any questions you have before launching your business.
*Everyone will be making their own soap. This is a very personalise course where there will be 1 teacher for every 5-8 people to guide you better.

*cancellation (full refund) 7 days before class only. After that (half refund). Three days before class no cancellation allowed. No changing dates 7 days before class. 



  1. does material include the soap mould and other apparatus?
    are we allowed to bring the mould home?


    1. Yes materials included and u can bring the mold bck home

  2. Are we making soap from scratch or we are using the soap base?

  3. Hi there, may I know how long is the class duration? and how often do you have a class?

    1. hi the class duration is frm 9am-4pm. and after that there is 6 months fb grp consultation for consulting the teacher on formulations and homework submission etc.

  4. hi,
    any classes fall on weekdays?

    1. hi unfortunately no for now:-( only on saturdays

  5. Am from Chennai India and am interested in taking the soap formulation classes. What is the procedure and is this a certificate course?

    1. hi will you be coming to malaysia soon? coz this class is in malaysia

  6. Are we able to buy materials for soap making on the day itself before we go home?

  7. Hi, do you have a class for making liquid laundry detergent

    1. hi we dont have a class (workshop) for it but we do teach in the theory part:-0 we dont do a class for natural liquid soap coz it takes few days to 'dissolve' and become soap so alternatively we teach the theory in class; let you do it at home and we have a fb support grp for 6 months for students to connect with teacher about this. sorry:-(

  8. Hi I want to enroll in your school
    What are requirements,am not in malaMala

    1. hi you could drop us an email at or whatsapp +60126643817

  9. Replies
    1. hi no sorry:-( currently its all in subang as there are too many 'materials' to bring around if we were doing classes elsewhere:-( sorry:-(

  10. hi, is this course for international students too?

  11. Hi, is the course teach about making any type of soaps? How about Castile soap?

  12. hi, is the class suitable for a beginner?

  13. hi this course is suitable for all as we will teach step by step- bigginer to advanced. Only its going to concentrate more on the business aspect of it as well so if you want to do this as hobby it may not be suitable.

    Castile soap is olive soap; yes we do teach this too.


Please Whatsapp Us at 0126643817 for any enquiry



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