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Introducing: SoapLab's Coconut Liquid Soap Base

Hi. We would like to introduce to you our very new: SoapLab’s Coconut Liquid Soap Base!

This soap base is made using Coconut derivatives like: Cocoamidopropyl, and coconut oil. The function of this soap is exactly as the SoapLab’s Liquid Castile Soap; only this Liquid Soap is more clear (Castile is brown- dark brown: can get ugly), And its more PH balance (lesser eye sting) : therefore better for baby products.

What to Do with SoapLab's Coconut Liquid Soap?

This liquid soap is versatile and you can use it to make:
  1. baby soap
  2. Baby shampoo
  3. Head to toe shampoo
  4. Adult body wash
  5. Adult facial wash
  6. Scrub
  7. And many more..
To view recipes and more ideas on how to use this liquid soap; click here

How to use this liquid soap?

  1. Weigh base
  2. Weight color, scents (FO & EO) and extracts
  3. Mix glycerin to color and extracts so the powder is fully wet (this is to make sure it doenst clump)
  4. Pour into base
  5. Ready to use
*P/S: if you think the soap is runny and wants to thicken this more. click here to find out ways to thicken soap:
  1. Using Borax/ Table Salt (not recommended coz lots of trial and error)
  2. Using Guar Gum
  3. Using Crothix Pastilles 
  4. Using SoapLab's Soap Base 

Video Example how to Make:

How To Make A Recipe Using This Liquid Soap?

  1. Think about the skin type you are looking to help
  2. Think about the extracts you want to use
  3. Think about the theme of the scents and color
  4. Purchase all ingredients.
  5. Measure and weigh
  6. Mix as above
  7. Ready to use!

List of Extracts & Functions

Here is a list of extracts SoapLab has and its function. Remember that this extracts 'dose' is only for extracts purchased from SoapLab. 

If you are getting your supplies from elsewhere always ask your supplier the suitable range. Some suppliers adds 'bulking agents' to the extracts therefore the potency of the extracts can get lesser and you will need to use more.

in SoapLab we advice you to use maximum of 0.5% of extracts in your final product.

The Simple Recipe would be (Example)

  1. 97% SoapLab's Coconut Liquid Soap Base 
  2. 0.5% Apple Extract
  3. 0.5% Green Color Pigment (Mica)
  4. 2% Green Apple Fragrance Oil
  5. Glycerin to mix extract and color
Therefore to make 100g it would be:
  1. 97g SoapLab's Coconut Liquid Soap Base 
  2. 0.5g Apple Extract
  3. 0.5g Green Color Pigment (Mica)
  4. 2g Green Apple Fragrance Oil
  5. Glycerin to mix extract and color
To learn more on how to convert percentage to grams click here

Purchase At Promotion Price: (price including GST)

SoapLab is currently having Promotion for this Soap Base. To purchase the Promotion price; add these to bag:

1L =10pcs x 100g
5L = 50pcs x 100g


Weighing Scale:

Pump Bottles:

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