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Hi welcome to SoapLab Malaysia.

My name is Nisha; co founder of SoapLab Malaysia, and I'll be guiding you on your new journey to making soaps. Im a pharmacist by profession and I've worked with patients having skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis for 12 years now and so if you are someone who has these conditions or sensitive dry skin; you are in the right page:-)

I believe you are in this page because this is probably the first time you are hearing that you can make soap at home: Yes you can! a super moisturising ones thats not at all like any soap you have used. Or you are here to learn more about it. Well don't worry; I'll guide you.

Traditional Vs 'Processed'Factory Made Soap

Traditionally in the olden days; soaps were handmade. Everything was cooked from scratch using animal fats. It wasn't until people got 'lazy' and they started relying on factories to produce it for them that people stop making them.  And because of that too; you see a lot of skin diseases today as compared to years ago when soaps were cooked at home.

Not sure which is healthier?

Well.. think for a moment what if we never cooked at home anymore and relied of those fast food chains to eat. What do you think is going to happen to our body? Will we fit or morbidly obese? The same goes with our soaps and skincare; when you make it at home, it's much healthier because you control what goes in.

You decide wether you want to put coconut oil or shea butter or even both! You decide wether you want to avoid chemical synthetics or you want to add more aloe vera extracts. Its all up to you !

Don't know how to do? Well thats why we are here! We have got more than 500 videos teaching you methods and recipes on how to make the skincare safely at home.

Method Of Soap Making.

There are three methods to make soap: the melt and pour method, the cold process method and the hot process method. Ive explained each of it here in this article.

Which Is More Superior?

There is not one that is superior than another. Its all a matter of preference which would you prefer to make and is convenient for you. But if you would want to make something from scratch; the cold process method is the best way to do it.

Click Here to view all the cold process recipe we have to date.

If you prefer to make melt and pour soap; click here to download our ebook on melt and pour soap and simple recipe to make it. Don't forget to use the code "SOAPMAKING' to get it free!

If i Wanted To Start, Which Should i start with?

If you wanted to start; the simplest way is actually to make melt and pour soap because as the name says; it's literally melt and pour. Check out this recipe we have; the easiest fuss free way to make melt and pour soap using shea butter.

If you want something slightly 'advanced' you can check out this Aloe Rose Soothing Soap thats one of our best recipes to date. This recipe is one of our most viewed recipe (more than 3000 views a day!)

Now if you wanted to make cold process soap; i personally think you should start with this recipe. Though in this recipe we are using breast milk, you could always replace the milk with other type of milk like goats milk, cow's milk, soy milk, juices or even water if you want to make it simple.

To start off; i feel this is good enough to start. take baby steps; and when you are ready to explore more after making these; ill be more than happy to guide you.

Heres more things on solid soap making that you could check out.

If you prefer liquid Soap; check these out.

What If I Need Further Help?

If you need further help or if there is something you dont understand or are confused about; you could always Contact us Here. Our door is always open to guide you. So do contact us! Or you can connect with me via all these channels we have here

Good luck and happy soaping..


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