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What is The Difference Between Solid Shampoo Base Vs Solid Soap Base

Hi guys; as you know we in soaplab now have a new range of base; the shampoo base.

Now before going in deeper; many are confused with the difference between the normal natural soap base; and the normal ones.

As i've wrote about it yesterday; the natural soap base is made using the cold process method; and it has the same properties as the cold process method. The same oils are used as well; like olive oil and coconut oil when making the natural soap base. So if you want a soap that is similar to cold process properties; go for the natural soap base.

Solid Soap pH Higher

However; because it's made using the CP method; these natural soaps has slightly higher pH which may make the hair feels 'static' after use. you will also need to rinse your soap with vinegar or lemon for this. You can read more here on how to use CP soap for hair care.

This new shampoo base however contains Disodium laureth sulfosuccinate; a mild sulphate free surfactant that cleanses the hair very mildly. We are adding this in to make the shampoo base have more 'bubbles' and so that it cleanse the oily hair.

More Cleansing

Also; as you know if we use commercial shampoo or haircare products (conditioner/serum etc) before; they mostly contains silicones and if the shampoo you use doesn't have much 'cleansing' properties; these silicones will be stuck on hair; causing your hair to be 'flat' and 'unhealthy'. So due to that we added sulfosuccinate; a mild cleansing surfactant.

However; to compensate with the 'cleansing; we have also added shea butter so that it will coat your hair with moisture to prevent it from drying. Feel free to add in more oils if you need shampoo that is for very dry hair.

More Conditioning Additives

This shampoo base also comes with polyquat and D-Panthenol.

Polyquat are celullose derived from guar beans and are used in hair care to condition the hair and gives you a shine. It also makes combing hair easier and maintains the hair's elasticity. all because it's a glue that fills in the 'blanks' in your hair.

D-Panthenol is a Vitamin B5 that is a humectant; which means it attracts water from surrounding (air) to keep hair moisturised all day long. It also helps improving moisture of your hair the same way. There are some studies that shows it helps in thickening hair and for hair growth as well but its not a conclusive study.

For me; since its a humectant; same as hyaluronic acid; it will probably help in hair growth and thickening the same way as a HA would do; however; it's not as strong a humectant as HA so it may not give the same results as HA. But if you have a lot of D-Panthenol in stock; you can always add into this shampoo base more up to 6%.

So heres the difference between solid shampoo base and the solid soap base. I hope it clarifies your questions and if you have any question; please don't hesitate to ask.

Also; if you found this useful; don't forget to share:-)

Have a great day ahead;


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