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I Have Acne And Oily Skin; Can I Use Glass Skin Series By Fresshhh?

Yes you can! Although glass skin by fresshhh was made mainly for people with sensitive skin; which usually habe dry skin; we have many customers with oily skin using the products and found out that it works effectively on them too!

Most of the time the reason one has oily skin is due to over usage of harsh strong products. Ours skin has a protective ‘detection centre’ whereby if it detects that you used something strong that could dry; it will automatically produce more oil (something we call as negative feedback in medical world). Hence you feel your skin oily. And with oils that blocks the pores; comes bumbs and acnes with pus.

So what to do instead? Use a milder cleanser like strawberry brightening cleanser, and use a toner like juniper Exfoliating Toner to unblock your pores. 

Our pomegranate brightening essence contains 4% Niacinamide (vitamin B3) that is meant for acne skin too; whereby it treats acne; and at the same time lighten scars. (Some said it also lighten their skin! It makes sense coz of the research here)

Use all these three products together for a month and notice the difference in your skin (you will feel less oily, more moisturised, and plump, and you will notice your skin to be ‘cleaner) and only after that; go for the other products (for hydration, anti aging, and so on)

We are currently producing all three this weeken freshly so we are taking orders for them (if you wanted readymade)

But if you prefer to DIY, here are the links to all the Fressshhh recipes we have currently:

DIY Recipe Link

  1. Strawberry Brightening Facial Cleanser
  2. Juniper Exfoliating AHA Toner
  3. Pomegranate Brightening Facial Essence
  4. Rice & Rose Hydrating Serum
  5. Ginseng Youth Preserving Water Cream
  6. Green Tea Hydration Lock Face Oil

Purchase Readymade:

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